Target Market / leisure activitys / profiling

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Modern Boy

Football, sports, outdoor activities, swimming. Sunday football team

Playstation, gaming, xbox, wii, online social gaming – online gaming has hit a boom in the current market and would be a good sector to target in the future. I can use still advertising language and terminology and iconography similar to what is used in the gaming market as an idea.

Paper Round (income)

Clothes, sports clothes – Brands: Addidas , lacoste, umbro, NIKE, sportsworld shop.

Music – Chart music, youtube, Mtv, sky television music.

Drama Clubs, Film Clubs

Magazine Buyer

Skateboarding / Bmxing / Rollerblading / Swimming (adventure element)

Some of the target audience will already have started a relationship with the brand as it is is on many highstreets, but may not be fully aware.
For the majority of the audience it will be the first time use of the product/service.

The target audience is planned to start a relationship with the Waterstones brand and books at the football match when they engage with the advert at the ground.
The ad’s message is planned to interact with them positively. Using the two step flow theory the audience is attracted and is passed on the message by the opinion leader. The opinion leader of the ad is football itself and relevant players who surround its cause who help to explain and diffuse the ad’s content/message.
Because a young boy is not aware of the product/service. If it is related to football and football supports it the boy can start to build a relationship with the product.
Therefore the USP of advertising boys books at a football ground plays a major role with the consumer.

Waterstones will be interacted with with the boys every time they go to a premiership football game. Secondly after the first viewing of the ad may relate to the store when next passing or online, maybe even as ‘that store from the football game’. But will become stronger after every consumption.

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