Relating Waterstones to their new market - Desired brand perception

To efficiently and correctly market its self, Waterstones must examine internally and externally and plan its Brand Perception and the way it wishes its market to be perceived by its audience.
This will help Motion Advertising as a company to now go ahead and plan our campaign around the strongest perceived elements of the Waterstones institution whether it be its long standing success?, high turnover? Brand name? or a more sporty approach appealing more to young boys focused around football players and Waterstones combined to the boys who typically like football because possibly of their lower brand expectation and respect for the Waterstones brand.

Brief Brand Perceptions

- Waterstones, along with Project X reading scheme will ultimately help their children read to a higher level following them from reception to year 6. Waterstones is one of the biggest book retailers is in the UK and has a respected retail reputation which can be trusted and believable that money can be invested in their books and material that will aid parents children’s education.Oxford University – An academic, believable endorser of Project X, with the perception for High Quality. A trusted institution.

- Through the campaign the boys perception of Waterstones is planned to be that it is a respected approachable shop where they can go to get their books and reading materials that is going to make them achieve more in school. Firstly it needs to be established that Books and reading are worth while, and that reading is enjoyable and fun then secondly that Waterstones is the place to get the books that they would like to buy.

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