Target Market Behavior


Puzzle and activity books emerge as the overall favourite among 7-14s, offering straightforward interest and entertainment that can be picked up at any time - at home or on a journey, for instance, without needing to follow a plot. In that respect, these might be regarded as an equivalent to adult magazines, or indeed to comics, but certainly they are a format with which children are very familiar, since this is also how many early learning materials are presented.
(mintel 2009)

Sub-category of parents

It must be taken into account that parents of the children can also view the advert. Parents can be the catalyst that may draw the childs attention toward the ad, and also may easily be attracted by the ad as a child would?The target audience boys may ask parents to take them to Waterstones and/or buy them books from there. Parents therefore need to be considered and need to be convinced not necessarily by the advert but in the brand that Waterstones is a brand worth investing money into for their children’s education. This however must not affect the ad’s outcome to attract primary school boys.

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